#Tb2015 What is the meaning of beauty?

Tatiana Francis | 04 June, 2020

When I first created this blog I really had no idea what I wanted to write about and I  still struggle with what will be interesting to the reader. At this point all I am certain about is the name of this blog. Jolie is actually my niece's name, which also means beautiful. So when I was trying to figure out what I was trying to convey with this blog and needed a name, I thought "Unique beauty, yes that's it!" In my head I thought that it will be a great way to keep it open to not just the idea of the commercial images of beauty but to beauty of all kinds such as the women that I see everyday on the subway, walking down the street and many other places. This is an ode to them. You see, like many women I've been critical of myself and at some point I wondered how in the world did I become so judgmental about myself. Like many, I ask myself is the outfit I'm wearing nice enough? Is my hair perfect? Is my makeup perfect? Even my nails and toes have to be the perfect color.  It's extremely exhausting to try and meet the standard of perfection. 

   We know that television and other media outlets brainwash us with what the ideal image of what beauty is. It is a vicious cycle that us as women go through and unconsciously pass down to the next generation. In the back of our heads we know that these images are unattainable but still we strive to be unicorns. We strive to stand out by fitting in, to be the perfect cookie cutter image that we see on social media, commercials, movies and so forth. 

   Today I saw another commercial from Dove. Their campaigns are dedicated to women loving themselves just the way they are. It's heartfelt, real and at times I wonder did they take a page from my storybook. This particular commercial titled 'Dove Hair: Love your Curls' struck a cord for me. It showed children talking about their insecurities with their hair. I remember a time when my niece felt this way about her own hair. She is young, vibrant, full of life and her hair which is curly, is a perfect reflection of what defines her. As a family we make sure to remind her of just how awesome EVERYTHING about her is. And so, my beautiful women it is our duty to break the cycle, to plant the seed for the next generation of beautiful girls. Tell them they are perfect in their own right, they are unique and they owe the world nothing else but to be happy with who they are.

Please comment and Share. Together let's change the idea of beauty. The following video is provided by Time Magazine. 




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