Real Talk Thursday

Tatiana Francis | 04 June, 2020

            Real Talk Thursday

I’d like to say thank you to all who genuinely have reached out due to current events and are concerned about the well being of both my business and me personally. I have had messages that have read “I see you and I appreciate you” or I have had conversations along the lines of “what is it that I can do?”All those messages are greatly appreciated and I am grateful to have built relationships that may have not existed outside of the space I’m in.

  In regards to the question “what is it that I can do?” In my opinion the answer is simple, acknowledge your privilege. I understand how that concept may be broad and a bit confusing. To give a very basic definition of privilege- it’s systems and behavioral patterns that exist and are beneficial to a select group of people. It is in fact a field of study.

  Privilege is part of the foundation of why we are constantly having to have the same conversations and tragedies occur decade after decade. We (black & brown people) have spent a majority of our lives answering questions as well as needing to read and learn how to navigate through this society that rightfully belongs to us as well.

In this new era, in this evolution and revolution to elevate this society to be a more humane one... to be more mindful... we need for the roles to shift. If you genuinely want change it’s time to step out the box and acknowledge and study your privilege.

We do not need people to promote change for one day and then turn around and flex their privilege the next. No. Those days are over. Everyone needs to be held accountable and everyone needs to be mindful of how they utilize their opportunities knowingly or unknowingly to oppress the masses.

Education brings about change and unfortunately we (black & brown) cannot reverse the train to update those who want to help in regards to what we have been repeatedly saying is happening within our community.

You have to educate yourself and then YOU have to meet US where we are at. So if you want to know how to change, it starts with research and if you still don’t understand research some more.

As I mentioned before, we have spent years reading, learning and researching how to navigate through this society but it’s a new day and now it’s time for you to become the student because CHANGE IS INEVITABLE AND WE WILL NOT BE SILENT UNTIL WE ARE ALL FREE TO JUST BE.







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