Look Good, Feel Good Raffle

Tatiana Francis | 07 September, 2020

            Look Good, Feel Good Raffle

During this pandemic we all have taken a closer look at how we can maintain our health and function at our maximum capacity. Day to day our bodies can absorb pollutants which can enter the human body in many ways, such as your skin and mouth. In some cases, the build up of these toxins in our body can lead to headaches, body aches and even digestion issues. 

I am always researching different ways to help boost my immune system while navigating through the boroughs of New York, especially now with the spread of Covid-19. I introduced sea moss into my diet from a family owned  business named Kadataph. I was pleasantly surprised by the difference it made in the way I felt after using it on a daily basis. 

Not everyone is aware of what sea moss is or the benefits of it, so, let me give you a brief breakdown.

What is Sea Moss?

Sea moss has been used for years throughout different cultures as a remedy for issues such as inflammation, fevers and has been used to increase sperm count and mobility throughout the Caribbean. Sea moss is an algae that grows and can be found on the Atlantic coastlines of North America, Europe, and the Caribbean Islands.

What are the benefits of using Sea Moss?

The benefits of sea moss are incredible and assist in multiple ways to feel good from the inside out. It assist in some of the following listed below. I would also suggest to do more research to learn more about the full benefits. 

1. Sea Moss contains 92 of 102 minerals that assist in your body functioning at its maximum capacity. 

2. It contains vitamins C&E along with protein, manganese and selenium which assist in the growth and maintanence of hair, skin and nails. 

3. Sea Moss contains magnesium and potassium which is needed to maintain a healthy heart. 

4. Potassium helps to get rid of any inflammation of the mucous membranes in one of the airways or cavities of the body. It acts an an antiviral agent to rid the body of any infections as well.

Look Good, Feel Good Raffle!

Jolie&Jade has  partnered with Kadataph to bring you the best in fashion and health. For the month of September with any purchase in store or online enter in our raffle to receive a FREE 16oz jar of Kadataph Sea Moss Gel. The streets are your runway look good and feel good while crushing it!


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