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The Gift of Self-Care During the Holidays

 The holidays are here and doesn't quite feel the same. With a changing world around us and stress at an all time high, when have we taken the time to care for ourselves? Most of us who celebrate the holidays usually shift our attention to what we can give to those that we love to show our appreciation for them. Although it is important to give our family and friends their roses while they are here it is up to us to make it a priority to give and show ourselves some love as well.

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Look Good, Feel Good Raffle

During this pandemic we all have taken a closer look at how we can maintain our health and function at our maximum capacity. Day to day our bodies can absorb pollutants which can enter the human body in many ways, such as your skin and mouth. In some cases, the build up of these toxins in our body can lead to headaches, body aches and even digestion issues.  I am always researching different ways to help boost my immune system while navigating through the boroughs of New York, especially now with the spread of Covid-19. I introduced sea moss into my diet from a family owned  business named Kadataph. I was pleasantly surprised by the difference it made in the way I...

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