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Tangled Truth – Nicole Kent

California native now based in New York City, Nicole (Tangled Truth) is inspired by her urban surroundings and nature cravings. Formerly a makeup artist, baseball/softball player, entertainer, amateur boxer/kickboxer and Jiu Jitsu competitor, Nicole has always searched for ways to express herself. Nicoleis self-taught, uses watercolor, gouache, ink and maru (dip) pen. Long-time fan of manga and anime, you can see influences in her works with the maru pen especially with people. Thepaintings are often personification of animals, either from photography or telling a story. Nicole also likes to pay homage to influential people in history. Nicole sells locally, online and commission-based work.


Artist Statement

In the ever-growing digital world, Nicole reached for the thousands of years old Japanese dip pen and ink, colored in with watercolor and gouache. You can see the influence of manga in Nicole’s people and story-telling. Nicole finds inspiration from intricacies of humans, from the journey of love to subtle daily interaction. In this collection, Nicole has been inspired by moments of Sid and Nancy, the dark Romeo and Juliette, “us against world” type love that although ended in tragedy had a connection that rivals the social construct of what love should be. Life is a collection of moments that are getting easier and easier to miss with our minds constantly in the past or the future. Nicole seeks to remind us of the beauty of those moments.