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BB Beautiful

BB creams have been around for quite some time now and people are still trying to figure out what's the big whoop de doo. I'm fortunate enough to work in an industry where I can try first and buy later if I love it. BB creams, also known as Beauty Balms, are a definite must have in your makeup kit. It serves as an all-in-one providing moisture, sunblock, light coverage and helps to diminish the appearance of blemishes.  BB Creams have been huge in the Asian market since 1985 and was introduced to the Western market in 2012 by brands such as Boscia, Smashbox, Clinique and Estee Lauder. Since its big debut it has become the beauty must have, especially for those women who are...

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Mascara 101

 The eyes are the window to the soul, so we've all heard. Shopping for makeup is big business and shopping for a mascara is even bigger business if you ask me. The obsession with lashes might have started in the 60's when Diana Ross hypnotized her audience with those dark long lashes and even now the obsession continues with celebs like Solange carrying the torch of most wanted lashes. Working in retail, the common question that I've  heard was "what is the best mascara?" and to be quite honest, there is no such thing as the best it is more about preference. This post is for the novices that are just as confused as the thousands of women that are entering 'Beauty Wonderland'. Like Alice, you've fallen down...

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