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For the month of October Jolie&Jade has partnered with Organized by Catherine O to bring you our So Fresh, So Clean raffle. Out with the old and in with a new season! Wondering how are you going to reorganize that messy closet, drawer or shoe rack? For this month with any purchase in store or online every customer will receive a FREE Virtual Consultation and ONE lucky winner wins an Organization Starter Kit of their choice (valued $100-300)! Get organized with Catherine O to stay so fresh and so clean. Check out to know more about the services provided by Catherine.

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I’m going live with sisSTAR loop on September.15th 8pm to discuss life lessons, maintaining through the pandemic and more. Get a drink and let’s talk. It’s been minute so there is lots to discuss. Follow Jolie&Jade on Instagram (@jolieandjade) to join in the conversation.

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Look Good, Feel Good Raffle

During this pandemic we all have taken a closer look at how we can maintain our health and function at our maximum capacity. Day to day our bodies can absorb pollutants which can enter the human body in many ways, such as your skin and mouth. In some cases, the build up of these toxins in our body can lead to headaches, body aches and even digestion issues.  I am always researching different ways to help boost my immune system while navigating through the boroughs of New York, especially now with the spread of Covid-19. I introduced sea moss into my diet from a family owned  business named Kadataph. I was pleasantly surprised by the difference it made in the way I...

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Stripped Down Series Launches F/W 2020!

I wanted to create a series of stories of everyday people as a way for us to connect and motivate each other through our own personal journeys. Stripped Down Series gives us a glimpse of everyday women and men to discuss intimate topics such as self acceptance, spirituality and how they choose to leave their mark.  Make sure to sign up to our newsletter to stay tuned for the Stripped Down Series.

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#Tb2015 What is the meaning of beauty?

When I first created this blog I really had no idea what I wanted to write about and I  still struggle with what will be interesting to the reader. At this point all I am certain about is the name of this blog. Jolie is actually my niece's name, which also means beautiful. So when I was trying to figure out what I was trying to convey with this blog and needed a name, I thought "Unique beauty, yes that's it!" In my head I thought that it will be a great way to keep it open to not just the idea of the commercial images of beauty but to beauty of all kinds such as the women that I see everyday on the subway, walking...

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