What's New Now?!

Tatiana Francis | 04 January, 2021

            What's New Now?!

It's a New Year and we are excited to announce Ms.T Entertainment, a subdivision of the brand Jolie&Jade. This platform provides videos for education, entertainment and inspiration purposes.

   The first visual project to be launched under Ms.T Entertainment is The Stripped Down Series! Get a glimpse of everyday people as we discuss intimate topics such as self acceptance, spirituality and how they choose to leave their mark.In Episode One of The Stripped Down Series we have a conversation with Mel the creator of the sisStar Loop, The Women Empowerment Event and her newest business venture The Empowerment Network Magazine.She discusses becoming a mother, wife and creating a ritual of self care through the support of community. Tune in, subscribe and watch Episode One of The Stripped Down Series. Look out for Episode Two dropping January.17, 2021


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