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Fashion Fix- '3 Looks That Have Us Hooked'


Now that we’ve entered a New Year and season it’s time to update our closet with this year’s fashion must-haves. From meadowlark hues to floral prints, 2018 trends are heating up the streets. Here are some looks from Jolie&Jade that you can shop now.



Floral prints once again make an appearance on the runway and trickles down to the masses. This classic pattern can translate from sweet and pretty, to sexy and cool depending on your mood. Although this pattern usually is associated with the turn from  the winter season to spring, it can be worn all year round making it a must-have for the fashionista. Here are two looks that can be worn for three seasons!

   This hip length sheer bomber gives a twist to a traditional style. The Floral bomber can be worn in the spring, during cool summer nights and in the warmer days of fall. Match it with a pair of Jolie&Jade faux leather leggings and a thigh length top, or the Daisy Flare Pant  for a perfect look.





   Kimonos originally created in Japan have been adopted by the fashion world as the thing to wear. Fun fact " the thing to wear" is the literal meaning of the word. Jolie&Jade's Reina Kimono is another piece that can be worn for the next three seasons. The burn out detail and velvety texture brings a sexy and cool 60’s vibe to your attire.







Whether it’s sequin dresses, palazzo pants or long tailored vest, we automatically think of the glamorous style set in the 70’s. These styles have become a staple to complete your wardrobe. Check out these 70’s inspired looks.


   The Donna Trench Vest double- breasted style and earth tone hue gives an effortless classic look. It’s twist on menswear makes this a must have item when shopping for your next spring and fall attire.





   Don’t we all love breathable denim especially in the warmer months! The Daisy Flare pants is a top pick online. Its lightweight fabric and cut makes this a worthy addition to your denim collection. It’s perfect for a brunch date with the girls or date night with your guy giving you the ultimate chic vibe.






 Meadowlark has graced the runways as one of the top fashion color trend of the year. Its vibrant hue catches the eye and brings a sense of fun to any outfit. Meadowlark reminds us of what fashion is all about, self-expression.

   The Lisa Faux Leather Dress is a perfect go to for a night out around town. Its button snap closure and large front pockets makes this outfit cool and functional. On trend with this year's top fashion color choice, this dress is made for those to who aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.



















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